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Multiple Grain Bin Unload Options

Here at T & S Sales we supply a multitude of unload options for your new or old grain bin systems.  From a powersweep all in one style unload to powerhead and sweep setup.  We have an option that will fit your system.  

Powersweep System 

The powersweep system is available in a tube or u-trough style.  The powersweep integrates a standard unload tube, powerhead, and sweep auger all in one.  It all operates of one motor.  All slide gates are rack and pinion style therefore you will not have seized gates anymore.  And with the sweep staying in the bin at all times your eliminate that back breaking work of carrying a sweep into the bin.  Not to mention the safety issues of running a a traditional sweep.  Just pull a pin to engage the sweep, it's as easy as that. 

Inclined Powerheads 

Inclined powerheads eliminate the need to dig a pit for your transfer auger.  They are available in 6" to 8', 8" to 10", and 10" to 13" sizes.  Available in u-trough and tube styles.

Straight Powerheads

Our standard powerheads are available from 6"-10" sizes.  And come in u-trough and tube style.  

Standard Unload Tubes

Standard unload tubes are available for your bin.  They are available in 6-10" sizes.  They come in u-trough and tube style.  With 2-3 hopper intakes.

Standard Sweep Augers

We carry a variety of sweep augers that will fit multiple bin sizes.  Available in 5" and 7" versions.

Unload Auger

We carry a full line of unloading augers for varies sizes of bins.  Available in 6", 8", and 10" sizes.  


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