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BCX3 FMD Field Loader

The all-new BCX3 has been designed to handle anything a farm throws at it. This all farm commodity field loader is equipped to tackle tough jobs, like canola and fertilizer, with the help of its two belt scrapers, belt brush, and a turbo clean wash system.

And when AGI Batco says, “all-new”, we mean we’ve scrutinized this latest model from hopper to spout. This includes a redesigned S-Drive, increased belt take-up, new wider hopper, quick access guarding, new spout, and a whole new ergonomic command center including electronic throttle. The all-new BCX3 also debuts the new IBEX Mover Kit with better traction, drop and go wheel system, powerful motor, and built-in braking system.



  • Up to 10,000 BPH
  • All new S-Drive
  • Handles all farm commodities
  • All new IBEX Mover Kit with new Command Center
  • Re-Engineered hydraulic system
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty

Field Loaders

Batco’s NEW BCX Series Field Loader has been redesigned from top to bottom. 

BCX 1539 Field Loader: 

  • 10" diameter tube 
  • 15" wide belt
  • 39' length

BCX 1549 Field Loader: 

  • 10" diameter tube 
  • 15" wide belt
  • 49' length

Standard Features: 

  • 50% increase in capacity - 9,000 bu/hr when outiftted with the 32hp gas engine
  • Redesigned hopper flashing to keep grain on the belt
  • Discharge hood increased from 10” to 12.5” to accommodate the extra capacity
  • Strategically placed engine controls, making them easily accessible
  • Hydraulic winch allows the unit to be adjusted up and down with ease

Drive Options:

  • S-DRIVE: Gas (optional soft start electric clutch); Electric
  • UNDER MOUNT S-DRIVE (BCX1549 only): Gas drive standard with soft start electric clutch
  • TOP DRIVE: Hydraulic; Electric


Mover Kit

Drive Options

  • Top Drive
    • Electric
    • Hydraulic
  • Pinch To Drive
    • Hydraulic
    • Electric