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Need more storage?

At T & S Sales we can build you a grain bin system that is designed around you.  From concrete to construction we use state of the art equipment and skillful craftsmanship to give you a storage facility to be thrilled about.  We are a dealer for MFS grain bins and they supply a plethora of options between flat bottom and hopper bottom bins.  If you need easy clean out we supply a full line of Westeel Smooth wall grain for your seed, grain and fertilizer storage needs.  Do you need to dry your product? Try our EcoDry system. By utilizing a full floor air drying systems that uses ambient air to bring the moisture content down in your product. We utilize low-speed centrifugal aeration fans or axial aeration fans that are quiet and efficient. If you need to dry your crop faster we can add low temp or high temp heaters to the aeration fans.   Worried about the product in your bins?  We carry a full line of AGI suretrack management systems iwith cutting edge grainbin moisture and temperature cables.  Check your bins from your Iphone, Android or computer anytime and anywhere you want. To get your product out of the bin we have numerous grain unloading systems to meet your needs.  We carry new style power sweep systems that combine a traditional unload auger with a bin sweep.  No more carrying sweep augers from bin to bin. With over 60 years combined grain bin construction experience T & S Sales grain bin builders have the knowledge and know how to get the job done right at a reasonable price. We service the Pacific Northwest including Washington,Oregon, and Idaho.