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Why OPI? Because your grain is your livelihood.

Grain management allows you to simply and cost-effectively protect your investment.

As opposed to the classical approach of reactive monitoring, OPI’s advanced grain storage management takes a proactive approach to ensuring the highest possible return on your grain assets with grain temperature monitoring and grain moisture monitoring. Rather than seeing grain storage as a cost center, we want you to be in the driver’s seat—dictating market terms and extracting the highest-possible value through the application of our market-enabling technology.

Improve your bottom line with our integrated Grain Management System strategies

Temperature & Moisture Monitoring

Temperature and moisture cables take the guesswork out of the state of your grain, no matter where you are. Control humidity, aeration and temperature from your wireless device, desktop, home or office for an optimal grain quality and storage life.

Wireless Solutions

Avoid trudging through snow and treading across terrain to physically check your bins, and instead, monitor all bin activity wireless from the palm of your hand—no matter where you are.

Alarms & Fan Controls

Prevent grain spoilage with on-screen, audio, visual, text message or e-mail alarm notifications that are sent directly to your desktop or wireless device. Support is delivered by our industry-leading Customer Service agents, who integrate Technical Service with our Customer Care program. Receive ongoing software updates and help desk access with options for extended warranty and annual site maintenance.


Safe Storage

Safe storage ensures that you see a higher market return on your grain. Optimize the value of your grain in the most environmentally-friendly way with advanced technology tools that deliver precise real-time information on the state of your grain. Prevent mold, mites, insects and microbes from contaminating and guarantee the best yield for your hard work.

Our technology provides the ability to monitor and control exact stored grain conditions to the best possible market advantage.

What is safe storage?

Safe storage refers to the storage of grain for longer periods without any spoilage or quality loss. Stored grain changes physically and chemically during the storage period. Freshly harvested grain—usually at higher moisture and temperature levels—respires and produces additional heat and moisture, which can lead to hotspot development, mold growth, mycotoxins development and grain spoilage in storage. Dry, cool, and clean grain can be safely stored for longer periods with careful moisture and temperature monitoring and appropriate grain management practices. Grain with a higher percentage of foreign material, immature, broken, and damaged kernels has a relatively shorter safe storage period.


Grain Conditioning

A better conditioning strategy guarantees that you get the most from your grain. With OPI’s Integris Pro fan control and monitoring system, you can measure, track and adjust the progress and completion of your in-bin conditioning or drying strategy.


Monitor, measure, adjust and control the progress of your grain with the most efficient conditioning program.

By integrating OPI’s moisture cable with and exclusive Integris Pro program, users can now measure and adjust the progress and completion of a conditioning or drying strategy. A moisture cable is the ideal tool for grain handlers to track in-bin drying, conditioning and shrink, allowing users to deliver unmatched grain quality.

Establish the most efficient conditioning program with a complete moisture and temperature monitoring and fan control system. OPI’s moisture cables monitor grain moisture content and temperature up through the bin to track natural air drying and in-bin conditioning.