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Hopper Bottom Grain bins

SCAFCO hopper-bottom bin/silos offer the advantages of complete bin and silo cleanout and lower material handling costs. Our sturdy design and quality materials, including SCAFCO's standard 2 2/3" pitch corrugated steel wall sheets, make our product stronger and more durable than ordinary hopper bins/silos. SCAFCO can also use its wide range of features and options to custom-create bins and silos tailored to your needs.

SCAFCO supplies hopper-bottom bins/silos from three tons to over 1,000 tons capacity in a wide variety of sizes. SCAFCO also supplies structural supports to elevate bins and silos above rail sidings or truck driveways for rapid loading of railcars or trucks. Hopper-bottom bins and silos can store any free-flowing commodity from feed, seed, and plastic pellets to certain mineral supplements.

Hopper bottom grain bins/silos also work very well for the beer brewering and distilling operations for helping them hold bulk commodities to lower their input cost.  With flexible discharge solutions we can get you the hopper bin that you're looking for.

Hopper tanks also offer a great solution to feedlot and custom feed mixers in storing commodities to go into their feed mix.