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Westfield took its most popular auger and made it even better! The MKX 100 is available in 53', 63', 73' and 83' lengths and capacity up to 6,600 bph. The 100 series is everything you have come to expect from a Westfield 10" swing auger and includes all of the performance enhancements of the MKX 130 and 160 Series, specializing in ease-of-use and serviceability.


  • Wear Edge Technology at critical grain transfer points to extend the life of your flighting.
  • Square, one bolt, Flight Connections for improved performance and reliability.
  • A-Frame Undercarriage & Steel Trussing, which provides increased stability, helping to hold auger position and eliminating major swaying or bowing.
  • Large Boot with hinged access clean out, no tools required.
  • Removable Intake Flight in boot for easy section replacement at high capacity wear point.
  • Safety Discharge Spout Head with large opening for easy access serviceability.
  • External Grease Zerks on all U-joints for ease-of-maintenance.
  • Premium Powder Coat on all painted parts for durability and a great looking finish.

MKX130 Series auger

You told us that your grain auger has to be one thing: reliable. We listened – introducing the MKX130 with over 75 proven performance enhancements including: precision engineered auger flighting, commercial strength frame and trussing and easier-to-use hopper, guaranteeing unmatched dependability and serviceability.

The MKX 13" auger comes in 64’ - 114’ lengths, making it the highest capacity auger ever made by Westfield. The new generation Westfield MK series augers are fast and efficient, simple and dependable, labor-saving and easy to use. Exactly what you want in a grain auger.


  • Heavy-duty A-Frame undercarriage with massive 4"x10" tubing and extendable axles.
  • Commercial grade trussing where Westfield adds steel for unparalleled structural rigidity (standard on 84-114’ models)
  • Precision engineered flighting, designed for extended life and smooth, reliable operation
  • Extendable axes for stability
  • Tapered Boot: Maintains maximum capacity when the auger is raised to its highest position
  • Tapered Swing Hopper: 10.5” low profile hopper has left and right hand flighting with a 6” one piece rubber extension to prevent grain splashing


MKX160 Series Auger

Introducing the NEW MKX 16" Auger, available in 85', 105' and 125' lengths with capacity over 23,000 BPH. The worlds fastest and durable auger on the market. 

Westfield designed every detail of this auger for today’s demanding large farm and commercial operators. From the engineered top truss, for added strength and stability, to a long list of standard features, the MKX160 is built to last. 

The low profile hopper is only 11 & 3/4" high and has 3 flights, featuring Westfield’s industry leading Wear Edge technology. This gives the auger long lasting, reliable performance that Westfield’s customers have come to expect. The 16" augers come complete with a CV PTO 1000 rpm reducer reverser, remote electric power swing and hydraulic winch to make setting up at the bin fast and easy. During harvest, speed is kind, and the Westfield MKX160 is unlike any other auger on the planet. 

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