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OPI Blue

Remote Grain Temperature and Moisture Monitoring

The future of grain storage management. Remote access to mobile devices—anywhere, anytime. Timely in-bin grain storage data will update directly to your smartphone or tablet with automatic 24/7 monitoring and alerts.


OPI Blue is a wireless system that delivers timely grain
storage information to your mobile devices. No more
driving to your bins to plug in.

Now you can access your critical grain storage information
wherever you work, live, or play. OPI Blue can be
incorporated into your current OPI grain management
system using existing cabling or purchased as a new system.

OPI Blue management features:

• Temperature  • Grain inventory levels  • Moisture

OPI Blue gives you peace of mind. The system monitors your
grain 24/7 and alerts you when your grain starts to trend
out of condition.

Best of all, OPI Blue has been designed for
ease of everything:

• Easy to install and configure  • Easy to service  • Easy to use • Easy on the wallet

Manage Your Stored Assets.

Wherever you are, have peace of mind that the crop you worked hard to harvest stays in good shape. OPI Blue is a wireless system that delivers timely grain storage management to your mobile device. No more trudging through snow or treading across terrain to get to your bins.

OPI Blue is a simple 3-step solution that’s easily installed into a broad range of storage applications:

Step 1

Is a Cable Node mounted atop each bin, which with its solar-charging and wireless data transmission capabilities, provides for a clean and simple wire-free installation.

Step 2

Is a centrally-located master device called a Gateway that collects and stores information on a regular basis from the Node network, then transmits this information by Wifi and/or cellular for local and remote connectivity.

Step 3

Is a free app that’s downloaded to your smartphone or tablet that provides a graphically rich interface for up to date access to all of your storage information. The app also provides a permanent record of your data with the ability to review this information offline.

With its simple connection to temperature and moisture cables, OPI Blue is a great fit for both new and retrofit applications. OPI Blue has the ability to grow with you over time with the number of bins monitored and the incorporation of automated fan control. OPI Blue represents a simple and scalable grain storage management practice.

Best of all, OPI Blue has been designed around the Ease-of-Everything:

  • Ease of installation and configuration
  • Ease of use
  • Ease of service
  • Ease on the wallet