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WC1335 Belt Conveyor

An economical top-drive belt conveyor - ideal for bin load-out and handling delicate seeds and commodities.

Top Drive Conveyor Features:

  • Capacity up to 3,500 bu/hr (78 tonne/hr)
  •  27” x 38” collapsible hopper with 10” clearance
  • 35’ long; 10” diameter 14 GA tube
  • 13” 2-ply rubber belt coupled with nylon slider backing and alligator lacing for added endurance
  • Durable poly deflector hood provides excellent cushioning for delicate seeds and commodities
  • Heavy duty 1¼” bearings and adjustable rollers
  • Four-bolt hubs and taper wheel bearings make unit suitable for towing
  • Removable tow hitch allows easy maneuverability during operation
  • Easy belt adjustment
  • Optimum balance - two different frame configurations (one for electric and one for hydraulic) keeps hitch weight down, allowing easy handling of conveyor 

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